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EZ Port 280
EZ Port 280
  • Widest port on the market, with 10" additional walkway space on each side
  • Dimensions: 80" W x 156" L x 15" H
Made In USA
EZ Port PWC Lift

The EZ Ports are a one-piece unit that can be attached to an existing EZ Dock system or can be set up as a standalone next to your existing roll-in or sectional dock system.  These lifts adjust to changing water levels and protect your PWC from damage caused by wind or wave action.  A variety of different models - each with adjustable rollers - can support nearly any PWC. Plus, supplemental flotation is available for larger and heavier PWC's. Available in beige or gray.


Accommodates PWCs up to 1300 lbs
Adjustable roller system - multiple PWC shapes and sizes

Weight: 335 lbs
Size: 153" x 58.5" x 14.585"

EZ PORT® 260

The latest EZ Port 260 serves as a smaller counterpart to the 280 model. It offers an ideal choice for those needing a straightforward, drive-on docking solution to protect their personal watercraft (PWC) in saltwater and freshwater environments. It is tailored for PWC enthusiasts and upholds EZ Dock's commitment to quality and durability. This model integrates effortlessly with any EZ Dock system and is compatible with most existing docks. Additionally, it can be anchored directly to the shore or lake bed, even without a dock.

Size: 60” W x 156” L x 15” H

EZ Port Max 2i

Accommodates PWCs up to 1700 lbs
Easy loading
Adjustable rollers that adapt to a number of different brands & hull design
Bow stop to help prevent overshooting
Three-sided accessibility

Length: 14'
Weight: 350 lbs
Size: 168" x 58.5" x 14.625"

EZ Port Max Entry

Accommodates PWCs up to 1380 lbs
Adjustable roller system

Weight: 315 lbs
Size: 149" x 60" x 11"

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