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Crew Member

Experience / Certifications Required

  • High School diploma or equivalent recommended but not required
  • No prior work experience necessary, must be willing to learn the various aspects of the lake service industry.
  • Valid drivers license. Driving our equipment to and from the job site is an everyday task


  1. Being able to lift up to 50lbs on your own
  2. Being able to work from customer invoice to prep custom orders
  3. Being able to work in various weather conditions (rain, snow, heat and cold)

Company Statement & Job Description:

Marine Dock and Lift is a small family owned company that has been operating since 1995 and during that time we have become one of the most reputable lake service providers in the state. The work is hard and the days long but we take a lot of pride in not only taking care of our customers, but our employees as well. We are seeking a motivated individual who is willing to put in the work to be rewarded with the benefits that come with this industry. This is not a seasonal position, we are seeking full time year round help. We have two busy seasons, the spring and fall, which last three and two months respectively.

You will be working in and out of our on-site shop year-round. During our busy seasons the work week is Monday-Saturday. The rest of the year we put in a normal Monday-Friday, but there are still opportunities for more work if you desire.

You can expect to work in less than desirable conditions which include being wet, cold and hot as well as working through snow and rain so it is important to dress accordingly for the weather. During the cold months this would be waders, layers and rain gear and during the summer some nice swim shorts, shirts and water shoes are all you need. You will also be lifting docks and lifts along various styles of shorelines. When not out on the lakes and rivers you will be in our shop prepping orders for deliveries and customer pickups, as well as using power tools and equipment to fulfill custom orders. You can look forward to beautiful summer days spent on our boats and the various lakes and rivers across the area.

Benefits: Applied after 90 day probationary period

  1. Health insurance
  2. Simple IRA with company match
  3. Vacation days

Contact info:

Alden E. Nelson
Call: 651-257-4265