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Camps and Non-Profits

The most common sale is for swim barricades or swimming areas. We typically use the EZ Dock system due to flexibility in set up, anchoring options, and modular design for a specific layout. Sections are available in various sizes, widths, and have molded rounded edges which are safe for swimmers. Dock ladders and accessories are available for even more customization. Components are available for mounting lifeguard perch on various docks.

Cities, Municipalities, Park and Recreation Boards

Applications vary. Public Landings, boardwalks thru open water, emergent vegetation areas. Fishing piers, sailboat, PWC, and power boat mooring, kayak and canoe launches. Accessibility docks with or without ADA compliance.

Contractors / Land Developers

Sales for startups of Lakeshore Associations, or for boardwalks thru marshy, low lying areas. We work directly with contractors to provide product and installation. Dock systems for use as floating work platforms, that can be dismantled for use in other bodies of water.

Lakeshore and Homeowners Associations

We work with board members to provide docks, and boat lifts in waterfront areas. Our services can include dock design to meet space requirements and planning for off-season storage.

Marinas, Campgrounds & Resorts

A typical installation is for multiple boat slips. Designed for various widths and slip lengths.

Primarily for seasonal rental or purchase.

Nature Preserves

Public and Private. Boardwalks thru open water, and low-level vegetation.  Seating areas and platforms for nature viewing, wetland observation areas, and for the collection of water samples.

School Districts

Scientific research platforms which can be used to educate students on aquatic wildlife, water sample collecting, or a wetlands observation area.