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Choose from 2 styles to power your lift.

ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lift

ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lift

Hydraulic Lift Specifications

50 Second Lift Speed

Lift Capacity Inside Width Platform Length Lift Travel ** Minimum Water Depth ** Maximum Water Depth
2,000 lbs 100" 9' 10" 4' 11" 7' 7"
4,000 lbs 108" / 120" 9' 10" 4' 11" 7' 7"
5,000 lbs 120" 10’ 11” 4' 11" 8’ 1”
6,000 lbs 120" / 132" 11’ 11” 4’ 6” 11" 8’ 1”
7,000 lbs 120" / 132" 12’ 11” 4’ 6” 11" 8’ 1”
8,000 lbs 132" 12’ 10” 5’ 4” 14” 9’ 10”
10,000 lbs 132” / 144” 12’ 10” 5’ 4” 14” 9’ 10”
15,000 lbs 144" 15’ 4” 5’ 10” 21” 10’ 11”

Long Platform Length

Lift Capacity Inside Width Platform Length Lift Travel ** Minimum Water Depth ** Maximum Water Depth
5,000 lbs 132" 14' 0" 4' 11" 8’ 1”
6,000 lbs 132" 14' 0" 4’ 6” 11" 8’ 1”

** Minimum Water Depth: Add the draft of the boat to the minimum distance below to determine the minimum water depth required to float the boat.
Maximum Water Depth: These depths assume the use of “Deep Water Legs” option and that the boat will be out of the water 24 inches when the platform is fully raised.

Quickly Secures Boat - When you have a Hydraulic Lift, there is no need to worry about wind and waves getting in your way.  This lift is the fastest on the market and will give you confidence to safely land & secure your boat in less-than-ideal conditions. Dock side up and down switch along with wireless remote are standard features.

Maximum Protection - With cables that are pulled instead of wound, this system is designed to eliminate cable fatigue issues and safeguard against critical failure. The lift cables are backed by an industry leading 15-year warranty. In addition, the hydraulics are pressure regulated, so they stall before lifting potentially damaging loads.

Reliable by Design - The "high and dry" construction of the hydraulic lift keeps your essential hydraulic and electronic components above the water, minimizing their exposure to moisture and humidity. In addition, the solar-powered, DC operating system eliminates the need for an AC circuit on the dock, providing safety and superior performance on command.

Solar Powered Performance

Power the lift with clean, free solar power. The speedy 20-watt charger features a solar regulator to prevent battery drain and protect your battery from permanent damage caused by overcharging.

Hydraulic Power Pack

The corrosion free powder-painted aluminum box protects the hydraulic pump and battery from the elements. Featuring a hinged lid for easy access, it mounts securely on the lift tube or can be placed on the dock with optional hydraulic hose extension kits.


Pivoting maintenance free aluminum/poly bunks are mounted on sturdy support channels to shoulder the load.

Wireless RemoteWireless Remote

Raise and lower your ShoreStation hydraulic lift with water resistant multi-functional remote. Programming and operation all in one unit! Comes standard with 2 remote transmitters.

Dockside Up/Down Operation

Misplaced your remote? Use the convenient up/down switch with key lock-out mounted directly on your lift.

Drop Side with Boarding Step

Provides safe and easy access to your boat. The foot-friendly, sand-beige aluminum step mounts to drop side lift tube.

ShoreStation Manual Winch Boat Lift

Shorestation Manual Winch

Maybe it's childhood memories, the notorious click of the winch, the grip of the wheel. More than 50 years from its inception, we still offer what became the industry standard of what a boat lift should be.

  • TIME-TESTED SHORESTATION WINCH - Has earned the trust of thousands of boat owners with decades of proven history. It offers smoother lifting and dependability far superior to any ordinary winch. The Wheel Lock Mechanism safety feature is spring activated, preventing the platform from being raised too high.
  • DURABLE LOW MAINTENANCE CONSTRUCTION - Everything is designed for years of dependable service: aluminum construction, stainless steel cables, poly/aluminum UltraBunks, stainless steel/brass fasteners, GAR-MAX pulley bearings. The bolt-together aluminum construction provides superior environmental endurance and eliminates the need for aluminum welds while adding to the strength and stability of the lift.

Manual Winch Specifications

Lift Capacity Inside Width Max Water Depth w/Boat out of water 24"
2,000# 100" 4'8" w/Std Adj Legs
4,000# 108" / 120" 4'8" w/Std Adj Legs
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