ShoreMaster Infinity TS9 Dock

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ShoreMaster Infinity TS9 Dock

Product Features:

  • 5-Sided Dock Legs with 18" Leg Pocket
  • 9" Classic Truss Side Design
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame System with Precision Welded Construction
  • Infinity Frame Connection System (No Holes to Drill, Simple T-Handle Installation & Adjustments)
  • 4' Wide Frame Sections 8' and 16' Lengths
  • 6' Wide Frame Sections 8' and 16' Lengths
  • Available as a wheel-in or sectional system
  • Adjustable Screw Wheels and Adjustable Screw Legs
  • Recessed and Removable Decking
  • The Infinity Track™ Accessory System
  • Unlimited Configurability
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